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hello yes cashier i would like a hamburger with small fries and a boyfriend

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Star Wars Randomness


I love how the excitement for Animal Crossing is cut short because of E3

And then the next day


bitch i aint done yet

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Little Miss A’s first drawing

With the weather not really being warm enough to get Little Miss A out in the garden doing anything…

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pick up line: please

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He hung up on me. 

I stared at the phone in disbelief, then ripped a clean sheet of paper from my notebook. I scribbled Jerk on the first line. On the line beneath it I added, Smokes cigars. Will die of lung cancer. Hopefully soon.

Excellent physical shape.

I immediately scribbled over the last observation until it was illegible. 

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my pony is quite adorable

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Morning Dress-up
(o3)Aradia ||||  (o2)Karkat   |||| (o1)Vriska

Decided to finally do another one of these! Although I was suposed to go to bed 2.5 hours ago…

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